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Make backup copies of everything in your Android


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If you want to protect the files in your smartphone, then you should make a backup copy that lets you recover all your info in case it gets lost or stolen. Right Backup Anywhere is a very useful tool that lets you return everything you need to your Android’s memory anywhere and at any time.

This tool shows you all the elements in your smartphone’s memory in a neat and organized way. You’ll see the pictures, music, videos, documents, contacts and other files in their folders so it’s easier for you to make the backup copies. Once you’re inside the folder, you can click on all the files you want to copy one by one or by batches. Right Backup Anywhere helps you store only what you want and need.

One of the best features of Right Backup Anywhere is that it lets you link your account on different devices so you can restore all your files in your new Android, for example. You can also restore your folders in a completely customized way by searching by folder name and picking only what you want to restore.

Create your own backup copies, no matter the size, because you don’t have any type of limit. Keep all your important documents safe with Right Backup Anywhere.